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Our director, Anna D. Shapiro has over 10 years experience within theatre directing in plays such as ‘Until We Find Each Other’ and ‘Three Days if Rain’.

Her production of August: Osage County was named the Number 1 Theatrical Production of 2007 by Time Magazine

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This story, written by Tracey Letts, won a Pulitzer Prize in 2007 – a celebrated achievement in the entertainment world.

5 Star Reviews on the play, production and famous refurbishment of the theatre.

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A dark comedy about a dysfunctional family reuniting to find their missing father.

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A website dedicated to August Osage County, one of the most successful Broadway shows to hit New York City in many years. After a strong run on Broadway in 2007 selling out August Osage County tickets many months in advance, the Steppenwolf Theatre Company decided to take the show on the road in 2009 and traveled to many locations in the United States to bring further acclaim to the play. In addition to the Broadway and touring production, the play has garnered plenty of accolades and prizes, including the prestigious 2008 Pullitzer Prize for Drama, an award that is given to the best play each year. One think that few fans of the show know is that its original production took place in Chicago before it came to fame in New York City. It was after seeing the play in this later destination that the August on Broadway website was created to pay tribute to the excellence of this play.

The central character of August Osage County is Beverley Weston, a woman that is addicted to pills and alcohol and is beyond the glory of her life when she was a famous poet.  Although she is only present in the opening act, her presence influences the entirety of the rest of the action that follows. The play tracks her life across the month of August while she lives in Oklahoma. After Beverley disappears, her dysfunctional family comes to the house to take care of funeral arrangements. The resulting action in the Osage County play follows the meltdown of the family as each member has personal difficulties that they are unable to resolve. Written with a strong sense of humor, the play earned writer Tracy Letts many new fans. The play has since been converted into a screenplay and is being reinvented as a film that will be produced by Harvey Weinstien and Jean Doumanian. The movie version will star big name stars Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep in the main roles and will be directed by John Wells.

With the success in the original stand in New York City and positive reviews from such notable voices as Oprah Winfrey, the play was able to easily transition to a travelling show. The August Osage County tour schedule started in Denver in July of 2009 and covered the most of the major cities in the country. The play has been an international success as well, with theater companies starting new productions in Israel, Puerto Rico, Australia, Germany, and many other diverse locations where it has been received extremely well. With the original production becoming so famous and popular, these secondary productions were the best places for ardent fans to the play to pick up August Osage County discount tickets and see the show without paying large prices. The website will feature a wide range of information about the play and the many productions.

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