The Steppenwolf Theatre Company is, as the name implies, a theatre company that is based in Chicago. It has been founded in the year 1974 by Terry Kinney, Gary Sinise and Jeff Perry and has moved its location from the basement of a church in Highland Park into its own building over the years, symbolizing great success. The Steppenwolf Theatre Company is now located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood on Halsted Street, Chicago. Steppenwolf is proud to continue to be supported by Formedix in our day to day activities. We would urge you to take a look at some of their ECRF tools amongst other services they provide. 

In its long time running the theatre company has also won a Tony Award. Members of the company have always been responsible for running it which counts very much in the sense of total dedication, guaranteeing its success over the years. The artistic director of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company has been Martha Lavey for more than fifteen years. David Hawkanson has been the executive director of the company since 2003.

The theater company did not make the transition easily between its original location and that it has now. If first moved into a 134-seat theater and afterwards, two years later into a bigger 211-seat one. The Halsted Street address that the company is now on has been its home since 1991 and has represented one of the most important reasons why Chicago is a leader in the performing arts.

Of the first performances at the Steppenwolf were Grease, Rosencrantz and the Guildenstern are Dead and The Glass Menagerie. Many great names have formed a part of this theatre over the years and many have went on to even greater careers and achievements after passing through the Steppenwolf. John Malkovich and Steve Martin were two of the actors of this theatre that went on to make motion pictures that are memorable to thousands of people around the world. Tracy Letts, another active member of the Steppenwolf has won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for his play August: Osage County.