The top rated Broadway play August Osage County has been seen by many people all over the US in different areas. The national tour of August first started in the year 2008 and the tour has gone to various cities across the US and UK and has been very popular in these cities. The play as it went on its national tour dates stared Estelle Parsons in the role of Violet and Estelle has been a part of the national tour in the past starting in June of 2008. The tour started in Denver Colorado and ended in San Francisco at the Curran Theatre on September 6th of that year. During the existence of the play it has hit other major cities such as New York, Boston, London, Edinburgh and Washington DC. Below is a list of tour schedule dates and cities that the play has stopped through on its way to filling the minds and hearts of loyal fans with its dark humour and drama.

As mentioned the tour dates started at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House located in the city of Denver Colorado and played from July 24th to August 8th. It then appeared in the Curran Theatre of San Francisco from the 11th of August to the 6th of September and the play then went to the Ahmanson Theatre in LA from September 8th to October the 18th and on to the Paramount Theatre in Seattle from 10-27 to 11-1. The Canon Theatre in Toronto hosted the play from 11-5 to 11-15 and the Bushnell Center in Hartford Connecticut hosted it next until the 22nd of November. The Kennedy Center in Washington DC then hosted the play in addition to this on the 24th through the 20th of December. The play went on to Tempe Arizona until the 10th of 2010 and the Performing Arts center in Chicago then hosted it from the 2nd of February 2010 to the 14th. The tout ended at the Forrest Theatre in Philadelphia on 5-2-10.

In order to take the show international the production team spent a year casting the best musical stars and pulling together professionals in the field of stage and sound production. The events company Ten Ten were brought in to help support the shows production team in organising event crew for the tour. This included providing cleaners, sound and stage interns, dressers, dressmakers (for damaged constumes) make up artists and servers.